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“Be Kind” Online Christmas Celebration 2021

At the end of 2021, we had the opportunity to hold a Christmas and New Year event with the children of the "Be Kind" House. We are holding this event via Zoom in order to maintain the health of all of us.

Although celebrating in their homes, they were so enthusiastic about welcoming Christmas this time. Because in the same week before the Christmas event, they received a package containing gifts and some materials to be made on the D-Day.

Not only having fun getting gifts and doing fun activities, but this Christmas the kids are also learning about Christmas symbols. Because every Christmas symbol has a meaning that always leads to one message, namely that Jesus Christ was born into the world to save all of us who believe in Him.

We are so grateful for this year, even though we couldn’t meet in person for most of the time but through our online meetings we can still meet, encourage each other, and learn about a lot of things. We hope next year we can meet and have a wonderful time together in our “Be Kind” library. And we are also grateful for KI Friends who pray, donate, and support us to go through this year. Let’s together continue to build a better future for Indonesian children. Cheers!

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