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Cooking Class with Be Kind House Moms

Be Kind House invited some of our volunteers to teach mothers in Be Kind House’s area how to cook a Korean dish called Pajeon. It is common for Be Kind House to have many guests and friends from South Korea. And this time we are learning with some of the mothers in this area about how to make a simple Korean dish called Pajeon.

In South Korea it is usual to serve the main course with many side dishes. According to, Korean table setting convention has three, five, seven, and nine dish types. The number means the side dishes on the table in addition to the basic dishes of rice, soup, Gimchi, and sauce. For royal families, they had the 12 dish type. Like in Indonesia, in Korea also rice is a very essential part of the meal, besides many side dishes.

It is our dream for all of the people, not only in this area, to have their eyes opened about the world. Our dream to impact people positively and enrich their knowledge.

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