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Digital Literacy for Students of SMAN 1 Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara

The Kehidupan Indonesia Team came and visited SMAN 1 Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara. We were warmly welcomed by the local school principal and the teachers who teach there. The KI team who came to visit SMAN 1 Oepoli wanted to encourage and motivate the children of SMAN 1 Oepoli to be wiser and more responsible in using the internet. The reason is, that in recent years, many students in Oepoli have left school because they want to work to earn money and get pregnant out of wedlock.

The internet has only entered the Oepoli region in the last few years. Many of them, especially junior and senior high school students, fall into the negative impact of the internet. One of them is the use of social media Facebook. We asked the high school students who were present that day who had friends abroad. There were students who answered that they had friends from England and there were also those who responded that they had friends from Malaysia. The average number of friends they have is around 500 people or more. They have up to 1000 friends on Facebook.

It's like a race, who can get the most Facebook friends? Who can get acquainted with foreigners? But, is it all good for them?

Support from parents is also very much needed here. Indeed, children need their smartphones to get to know the digital world and the outside world, even to fulfill their learning interests such as looking for references for homework answers through search engines on Google or YouTube. However, parents also have the right to know their children's activities on their smartphones. Parents can regulate their children's lifestyle as long as they live with their parents.

The needs of today's children will never be separated from smartphones and the internet. There are positive impacts from both of these, but we cannot forget that there will always be negative impacts that follow if smartphones and the internet are not used wisely and responsibly.

The role of the teacher is no less important. In addition to being teachers in schools, teachers play an essential part in children's lives to feel motivated and enthusiastic about learning. They need role models who come from the world of education. Children need a teacher to teach, guide and reprimand them so that children can judge which things are beneficial for them, and which are not.

Everyone plays a role in the growth of a child. As the saying goes, it takes an entire village to raise a child. It takes a lot of people (“village”) to provide a safe and healthy environment for children, where children are given the security they need to grow and develop, and to be able to have their hopes and dreams.

Our eyes were really opened when we went to Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara. We saw so many difficulties and problems faced by local residents. With all their limitations, we also see the tireless struggle and enthusiasm to revive education in Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara from the leaders, teachers, and parents there.

Let's fight together for the children of East Amfoang, Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara. They are great kids, smart and tough. In the future we believe they can become great leaders in this nation, bringing change to Oepoli, East Nusa Tenggara.

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