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Free Toys, Books and Milk For Street Children

Because of the concern of so many street children around us, we have a mission to bless them with toys, books, and some milk. We want to remind them that omeone still loves them and wants them to chase their dreams. The children we met were mostly at the elementary school level. They walked around the shops in the area begging for money.

It is easy for us to meet children who work in the street in Indonesia. Most of them do that because of so many factors. It could be because many people where they live have the same occupation, which is begging for money in the street. Children their age do the same too. They want to get some money, that’s why they walk around the street to beg for some money. The second factor is that they came from a poor family and want to help their parents earn some money.

We are saddened and concerned about this situation. That is why we encouraged these children to be diligent in school, read more, and chase their dreams. Because we believe through education they can free themselves and their families from poverty.

Thank you to Friends of KI who have donated these things to bless them. We believe they are very blessed and grateful for the gift given by all of you. Let’s keep spreading kindness to children in need around us.

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