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School Project at SDN Ciantra 02

Kehidupan Indonesia once again held school project in SDN Ciantra 02, Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia. We are so thankful to have a school project here again because we have known some of the children and the teachers. Kehidupan Indonesia previously had school project with KT&G in this school and donated computers, library books, students chairs and tables. Since then, we had a good relationship and we decided to hold another school project in this school.

Kehidupan Indonesia with some amazing volunteers came with an excitement to see the children and also to inspire them. We divided into 3 sessions, a campaign about anti-sexual harassment, crafting, and inspirational class.

It has been our passion and dream to share the awareness about anti sexual harassment. Especially to the children. As we know, many children in Indonesia got sexual abuse (in age-range between 7-17), and most of the victims are children who are in their elementary ages. We want to make children aware that the private parts of their bodies belong to them. If people try to do things that make them uncomfortable, they need to report it to people who they trust. Or if there is no one around, they need to scream and find some help. It takes courage to do that, so we named this class “Aku Anak Berani” which means “I Am A Brave Kid.”

In crafting class, the team had already prepared some of the materials to be assembled. The crafting team decided to make a Paper Spinner. It’s a simple toy that takes a little bit of their skill to master it. As they colored their papers with their unique design and colors, some of the students keep questioning about what is going to be the result. As one of the volunteers leading on how to assemble all the materials, students began to smile in relief because it is not that hard. All of the volunteers and students had so much fun!

Most of the students in Indonesia have their dreams to become doctors, teachers, or pilots. Little did they know, there are a lot of other professions that is interesting to dig in. This inspirational class is here to inspire them to open their eyes and mind about how big and various is the opportunity out there. For example like Esther who now is finishing her doctorate degree in physiotherapy in the United States of America. She wants to be a physiotherapist and help many athletes who got injured. She is a ballerina, and she teaches ballet in her free time. Sometimes she saw some of her friends got injured during practice, and that’s inspire her to pursue her dreams to become a physiotherapist.

Kehidupan Indonesia want to help people to reach their best potential. Indonesia has a lot of talented children, but somehow they just lost or they don’t know where to go. We want children in Indonesia to be properly educated and freed from poverty. Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation is here to be an answer and doing our best to help them.

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