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Education for Life

As the next generation, we have to pay attention to children's education.

The foundation aims to help the children so they will not drop out of school and will be able to finish both formal or non formal education. Therefore, in the future ahead, these children will be successful to obtain a proper job and to increase the family’s well-being.

Our Programs :

1. Be Kind House for underprivileged children : Library, Informal Education, Character Building, Nutritious Food. 

2. School Program : Improve the quality and facility of schools in Indonesia by providing toilets, computer labs, libraries, education programs, renovated school buildings.

"Be Kind House"

A lot of Indonesian children lack access to good quality education. We are on a mission to change that. We started this Be Kind house on 2016 running free English Classes for underprivileged children. A maximum of 15 children could be accommodated at any given time. Sometimes we had to send some children home because we had no space for them in the borrowed living room.

But now, we are so grateful to be able to use a small space in this area and now teach up to 50 children at one time! We also open this space as public library and learning centre.

We are  continuing develop many more programs to help these children and their families. Our goal and aim is to educate, nurture, and instill Godly character, as we believe they are our future leaders! 

All children have the potential to be great. We are here to unlock the potential.

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