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School Uniforms for Children at Oepoli Village

This project is an activity that aims to provide uniform packages, vitamins, personal care, booklet packages (Internet Literacy, Personal Hygiene and Food & Nutrition) to around 300 children in Oepoli village.


This project is planned to be carried out in June - July 2022. We hope that in August we will be able to come to the village of Oepoli and hand over this donation directly.

Our target is to collect 300 donors to donate $25 per child.

By donating $25 each donor will give a child:

A New Pair of School Uniforms,


Personal Hygiene Package,

& Package of Booklets.


Not only that, the children will also receive counseling and direct assistance from the KI team regarding Internet Literacy, Personal Hygiene, and Nutrition & Food!


School Uniform

Maybe for us in the city, school uniforms are something that is easy to buy and get. However, for children and families in the Oepoli village, school uniforms are something that is very valuable and difficult for them to obtain. For them a pair of uniforms is very expensive, because the majority of them are below the poverty line. Usually parents buy a uniform with a larger size, so that it can be used for 3 years. There are times when they have to wait for donations of used school uniforms from the city of Kupang, so they can replace their worn out uniforms. Not only that, even though they had enough money collected to buy uniforms, their access to the city to buy uniforms was also quite difficult.


Personal Hygiene&Vitamins

It is surprising to know that children in Oepoli Village mostly do not use shampoo to wash their hair. They also rarely brush their teeth and change toothbrushes. This is due to the lack of education about personal hygiene and of course the family economy. For their parents, it would be more economical if the children did not need to use shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. This of course affects the children's activities, because often their heads and bodies itch because they are not clean. And of course it affects their health. The condition of families that are below the poverty line makes many children malnourished. Lack of education to parents regarding the use of surrounding natural resources as an addition to nutritious food also affects children. That's why there are still children who experience stunting.


Booklet Package

Internet Literacy Booklet: Internet network has only entered in recent years in Oepoli Village. Parents and schools have not anticipated the influence of the internet on children, so many children are exposed to the bad influence of the internet. Free access to content on social media can not be stopped and no one to accompany them. Many children actually drop out of school because they are pregnant before marriage, due to the influence of pornographic content. They also do not understand about internet security, cyber bullying, cyber crime, privacy so that they are easily deceived. Personal Hygiene Booklet: As explained earlier, awareness of personal hygiene is still very low, that's why we will make this booklet. Food and Nutrition Booklet: This booklet helps children to be more aware of consuming healthy, nutritious and clean food. Because their food intake will certainly affect their body, brain and mental health.

School Uniform
About Oepoli

About Oepoli Village

Oepoli village is a small village on the border between Indonesia and Timor Leste. Located in East Amfoang sub-district, East Nusa Tenggara. This village can be said to be difficult to reach, thus affecting the growth and development of the residents there, especially education. The asphalt road has only been available for the past 2 years to the village of Oepoli, and even then it has not yet been completed.


Poverty Problem

We are connected to the local residents through a Catholic church Pastor and a junior high school principal who has the burden of improving the lives of the residents through improvements in education. The majority of the population is below the poverty line and many are trapped by moneylenders. For the past 6 months or so, through them we have facilitated children in Oepoli with free online English lessons, coaching in building self-confidence, internet literacy, education in preventing sexual harassment behavior against children, and also periodically prepare additional nutritious food for them.


Education Problems

Children are also less motivated to complete their education at school because they feel that there will be no job opportunities for them in the future. They feel why they have to study hard if in the end they will only become farmers, bus conductors, or low income laborers. Many of them eventually drop out of school and marry at a young age (15-18 years old). Circumstances like this ultimately make them circling in the chain of poverty. If we do nothing to help them, it is possible that they will remain in the chain of poverty and suffering.

Please Donate!

Help lift more people out of extreme poverty.

By donating $25

you will give to a child:

a new pair of school uniforms,

vitamins pack,

personal hygiene package,

& package of booklets,

love and

hope for their future.

How to Donate?

Transfer your donation to:

Acc. Name:

Yayasan Kehidupan Indonesia

Bank Name: CIMB Niaga

Acc. Number: 800108248300

Swift Code : BNIAIDJA

Please notify us of your donation through


+62 857 72459127

Please Donate!
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