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“Be Kind” Public Library

This public library was built from an empty land and it used to be the place where goats, chickens, and many more animals play and eat. It was quite a mess before. And with the consent of local residents and the chief of the residents we were able to build a public library here.

This library has various kinds of books, from children’s books, until self development books. People from various ages are very welcome to read here. Many mothers come to read recipe books also. There is no age limit for people in this area to come and read.

This library also has a spacious terrace that can be used as a weekly residents meeting. We held our soap making training on this terrace. Usually, mothers from around this area would hold their monthly meeting here also. It is beneficial to many people in this area.

Many children came here often bringing their friends to read together. We sometimes learn art and craft and English here too.

This public library may not be perfect but it is perfect for all the children, all the people who live around this area, to come and read and broaden their knowledge and enrich their lives. Let’s spread the positive impact all around the world!

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