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An Elementary School in Cikarang Benefited From KI’s School Project

In Indonesia, there are at least 250,000 classrooms in schools that need urgent repairs. Children have also started to go back to school. This, of course, has a positive impact for children to return to school. However, there are still many schools in Indonesia that need help because many of their classrooms are broken and it is not suitable to study and to teach there.

Kehidupan Indonesia has a mission to help schools in Indonesia become better and more suitable for use. We make various efforts and cooperation to help schools improve their classrooms, toilets, libraries, and school grounds. We believe that by improving and providing adequate facilities, schools in Indonesia can be given the opportunity to produce a young generation who are ready to lead in the future.

Because of this mission, we were moved to help repair one of the computer labs of an elementary school in Cikarang in 2018. This private elementary school has long had a computer lab room. But for one reason or another, this room was left abandoned, and eventually fell into disrepair. We see there is a great potential for children in this school to learn about computers. Most of the children who attend school here come from middle to low income families. So most of them do not know at all how to operate a computer.

Long story short, with the help of donations given by the Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation, this school was able to repair their computer lab room. Not only that, this computer lab room is also filled with several computers, PCs, a projector, chairs and tables, as well as internet connection.

Until now, children and teachers in this school have benefited greatly from this room. Last month, for example, they were able to carry out UNBK smoothly in this computer lab room. Teachers also carry out various training and meetings here using computers that have been provided by the Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation.

This is our step to equip, inspire, and make an impact for students in Cikarang, West Java. Likewise with several schools in Indonesia through our school project. Let's continue to keep improving the quality of education in Indonesia!

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