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Be Kind English Class with Petra University Students

Be Kind House welcomed several college students from Petra University, Surabaya who are happy to teach English to Be Kind children. For several weeks they are going to teach English through Zoom while the children gather together at Be Kind Library.

Be Kind Class is opening up again with a new regulation that every child who comes should wear a mask. We are aware that we need to be careful to not spread COVID-19. We also mentioned to the children, if they’re sick they don’t need to come. Instead, they rest at home and get full recovery before joining the class.

The class with the Petra University students already started last month. The children received many insightful and meaningful lessons throughout the classes. One of them is to remember four magic words when they are in public places, such as supermarkets or traditional markets. Those magic words are thank you, please, excuse me, and sorry.

The current pandemic situation has changed many things in many people’s lives, including us. But we believe that this is a new challenge for us to stay creative and make meaningful impacts to the society we’re living in. Like this awesome collaboration with Petra University students. Even though we are in our own places, we don’t stop enriching, sharing, and impacting people. Let’s keep equipping this young generation through education to build a better tomorrow!

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