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“Be Kind” House moved to the “Be Kind” Public Library

It's been about 4 years Kehidupan Indonesia occupies the "Be Kind" House. Lots of memories were made in the house. We also witnessed the growth of children from kindergarten until now who have entered elementary. The house is a witness to the growth and development of the children on their learning journey with the “Be Kind” Houseʻs team.

The current pandemic is not an option. But a situation that we must face. This situation makes changes in all aspects of human life. We are no exception. We decided to say goodbye to the "Be Kind" House. This decision was made because we canʻt use the house for almost a year; since the COVID-19 outbreak that occurred in Indonesia. All activities that we do must be switched to online. From the way we study, work, and communicate. This is a difficult situation, but we must be stronger and find a way to keep going and moving forward.

The learning location of "Be Kind" will later move to the "Be Kind" Public Library. One of the other reasons for moving the location to the library is to increase the interest in reading among children and young people in the area. We all know that in today's technological era, children do not have any more curiosity than before. They don't like to read quietly and donʻt have the patience to process information. We hope that by moving to the “Be Kind” Public Library, the children will become accustomed to the atmosphere of reading books. They can read books all the time, and gain knowledge that they don't get from their gadgets.

For now, we still haven't opened the library full time. Due to the condition of people without symptoms, and who are positive; even death due to COVID-19 is increasing. We continue to support and encourage children and residents to apply health protocols, wear masks, and also stay away from crowds. Sometimes, we go to the library to clean and tidy up the library. Because we have high hopes, when COVID-19 is over, the children can study calmly and comfortably, and also read books in a supportive atmosphere in this library. Thank you to the donors who have donated books for the children here. They really appreciate them and enjoy reading these books. Hopefully, this coronavirus will end quickly, and the children can learn and read books without worrying about anything. Please be healthy and happy. God bless!

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