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“Be Kind” House Students and Their Families Condition

The current pandemic has attacked several aspects of people's lives without exception. Just like the "Be Kind" House kids family. Kehidupan Indonesia has the opportunity to visit some of those affected by the current pandemic.

We visited Raffa's house, one of the “Be Kind” students. Raffa's mother has 3 children, her husband works in Jakarta, and only comes home a few times a month. The income from working as a taxi driver is not much. Especially in a pandemic situation like now. Two of their three children are still attending primary school. Their oldest daughter has just graduated from high school and is looking for a job. Raffaʻs mother used to be a caterer who cooked meals for lunch and dinner for many companies. Now, he only sells around delivering snacks to shops or makes snack orders. She tried to continue to provide the best for the children. The snacks she sells for Rp 1.500 - Rp 2.000 only, meanwhile nasi uduk and nasi kuning are about Rp 5.000. Despite the difficult circumstances, she never gave up to provide for the children.

We also visited Davin and Kronika's house. When we visited there Davin was sick. He is at home with his younger sister, Kronika. His mother was selling snacks to buy Davin's medicine. Even though their mother was not at home, Kronika calmly and patiently looked after her brother who was sick. Davinʻs mother is a single parent who works odd jobs. Usually, he works in a school as a cleaner. At the moment, she is doing whatever she can. What she often does becomes a masseuse. She often takes orders for fried peanuts snacks and other traditional snacks to fulfill the familyʻs daily needs.

Indonesia is currently hit by an economic crisis. The whole world is feeling an inevitable crisis. The families of these mothers are no exception. We are so grateful that they have a persistent spirit to continue fighting for their children and their families. We believe, our support and prayers for families like them will continue to make them believe there are a bright side and a solution to their problems. Letʻs continue to have hope, and also letʻs pray for these families, and the current situation to get better.

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