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Bracelet Making in Art and Craft day with Be Kind House

Every Thursday afternoon, children come together to Be Kind house to have an art and craft class. This time, they learned about how to make simple bracelet with Kumihimo technique. It’s a little bit complicated but it was worth it.

We used many colors of thread because we want the bracelet to be fun and catchy. Various colors have been an attraction to the children. In no time all the bright colors already taken.

As we put the thread in each section of the carton disk, we should counted every step of the way. This technique taught children to be more careful and focus, because if they miss some steps, it would ruin the bracelet. But it’s okay, this is a part of learning. Making mistakes are okay.

Many of us sometimes get upset when children took a wrong step even though we already try to slow it down. In Be Kind, we try to appreciate every little step they took. We want them to be salt and light of this world, to be kind to everyone around them. Let us keep inspiring children to become a good influencer wherever we are.

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