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Christmas at Shelter House

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

We celebrated Christmas with the children at our Shelter House.

We held a Special Box for Special Children campaign where we invited people to prepare small presents to gift the children at the Shelter House 'Bekind for the celebration.The response far exceeded our expectations : Gifts poured in for all the children.

We are so grateful to receive many Christmas presents from many people, so we can bring joy to the children.

We can see that many people have a desire in their heart to bless and love others in need.

Surely we will do this again for some special events and pray that many people will participate and be involved to bring happiness to people in need.

Thank you to all who were involved

Thank you to everyone who donated, were involved and volunteered for this event. We are beyond grateful.

Let us love and help people around us as long as we live on earth.

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