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Education Fundraising for Usali, Ambon

Usali is a village inhabited by not more than 100 people. Of the 100 people living in the village, there are 25 children who live there with their families. They still live nomadically and they are surrounded by mountains, rivers, and forests. The children in this village have never received any education. That is why they cannot read or write.

When we heard about this village, we were so moved to conduct an education fundraising. It was during March 2021 we spread the news and fundraised for Usali, Ambon. We managed to raise a number of funds to be given to the village through one of our colleagues who live in Ambon. The education fund is planned to buy books, stationery, and nutritious food for the children of the Usali.

Thank you to the KI Friends who have been moved to give support and donation for the children in Usali, Ambon. These are the simple steps that we can take to have a meaningful impact on Indonesians living in remote areas who are still left behind.

Let us continue to take more steps forward to continue to make a difference in the lives of children and families in Indonesia. When we walk together, we can make a significant impact and change for Indonesian children and families.

(You can check our fundraising video on our YouTube channel: click here)

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