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Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation closed the year of 2019 with children of Be Kind House, celebrating the end of the year with a simple event and gifts from many generous donors. All the children and volunteers of Be Kind House attended the event. The children were excited to perform and of course their performances went very well.

Before the event, each class had prepared several performances. For the Kiddie Class, they prepared a dance. The Middle Class, they prepared a performance of hand bells with a song ‘ Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ And also, they practiced singing a song from children’s TV show, Barney and Friends, ‘I Love You,’ as they wanted to tell their friends to love and care for one another. The Big Class, practiced singing a wonderful song entitled ‘King Of My Heart.’

We gave a word of encouragement to all the children who attended the event, that they could become anything they wanted. They could be a minister; who helps the president managing the country, or become a president, or maybe an awesome influencer. Maybe it seems a little impossible in their minds that they could become someone who changed and impacted positively to the world. We reminded them to dream big and aim high, and also to have a big heart to always learn and never give up.

After all the performances, all the children wrote letters for all the volunteers that have been teaching them throughout the year. All the children shared their love and gratitude toward them. And finally, gifts! Each student received one gift, or as we call it ‘Kotak Spesial,’ to bring home. They couldn’t contain their big smiles after receiving their gifts.

It is such a blessing to have these children in our ‘Be Kind’ House. We are not only teaching them to have a life skill, but we want them to become a good leader in the future who can help the nation with positive impact. Let us work together to raise a generation who can impact positively to the nation!

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