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First Offline Meeting in "Be Kind" House, Cikarang

We finally did the first offline meeting in 2022 with the children of Rumah "Be Kind" Cikarang. We decided to have a face-to-face meeting with the "Be Kind" House children because we wanted to know how they are doing and inspire them to read books again.

It is very rare to find children who like to read books. We continue to encourage the children when they come to the library to pick up a book and read it quietly. Because we believe in one book, there is a lot of interesting information that can help people practice their abilities and skills in reading, writing, speaking, counting, and solving problems in everyday life.

We are also continuing our “Be Kind” English class in the library. We do it every Wednesday afternoon after the children have their time playing and reading books in the library. It is an exciting moment to see children grow in their knowledge and behaviour. We have seen some of them from a little kid, ages 5 to 7. Now they are older and wiser. They now understand how to respect each other, be nice and slow to anger, and listen first before speaking.

They are children who are carrying the future of our nation. Not only our nation, but they are also part of this world. It all starts from a very small act, a small bunch of kids, small communities, to build good, strong, and insightful future leaders. Together with us, you can make a change. We are starting with these kids' lives and their families. Let’s continue to build a better future for the children of Indonesia!

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