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Fun Activities with Be Kind Children!

Be Kind public facility and library is now open almost everyday to let everyone come to play and read. Not only that, there are many activities held in this place. Many moms held monthly gatherings here, and also children love to visit the library to read, play puzzles, and many more.

Be Kind children also visited the library to make art and crafts. Children love to play with papers, scissors, and glue. They can express their art and crafts skill, choosing their favorite colors, and do many more.

Throughout this month, we can see a little more progress going on with all the children who study and follow diligently all the programs in Be Kind House. We can see the toddlers started to become more independent. The older children, without any order from the teacher, help the youngest with their art and crafts step by step. We can see a lot of progress with all the children from the beginning when they started their learning journey in Be Kind House until today, that they keep doing their best and following every guide that teachers told them to do.

We believe this is not it. We believe in every child's potential. They are the future leaders of our nation and they need us. Let’s work together with us for a better future!

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