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Independence Day at Be Kind House

Indonesia celebrated its 74th Independence Day. Wow! We thank God for an amazing 74 years of independence in this country. At Be Kind House, we celebrated it in a simple and family-oriented possible way. The children from the age of 4 until high school teenagers joined to enjoy the festivities.

Many games and prizes were prepared by the locals. The common games were many, such as ‘Balap Karung’, dancing with balloon, putting nails into a bottle and many more. Not only children, but also all the parents were excited to participate and win the games.

Kehidupan Indonesia also contributed some fun games involving not just the children, but also their parents. We had so much fun! We discovered some of the children like to read in their free time, they have grown to be more patient to wait for their turn, obeyed and listened very well to what it takes to win the game.

Such an amazing day to spent with the children and families who live close to our Be Kind House. Freedom! Happy 74th Independence Day to our beloved country, Indonesia!

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