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Happy New Year 2020!

Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation is so thrilled and ready to welcome this year with a new hope and spirit. We believe that there are many stories and journeys that are going to happen in the future. And we believe that there are many people need to be helped.

As you know, we are a foundation who based in Cikarang, Indonesia, that is working in three main focuses. A good and equal opportunities to all the children and adults in the matter of education, a water well that is going to provide clean water to many villages in need, and empowerment program for women in Indonesia to have better quality of life.

For the last 5 years, Kehidupan Indonesia has been equipping more than 3.000 students in many different schools in Indonesia. They have received direct benefits from all the activities conducted by Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation. There are 9 schools that have received renovation in their classrooms, library, computer laboratory, and school toilets.They also have received uniform, vitamins, and new books for the library to provide a better quality of reading in schools.

‘Be Kind’ House is a place where many children come to learn and play after school. Many young children are sent by their parents here to learn writing, counting, and reading. All the children registered in ‘Be Kind’ House are also receiving English, computer, and art and craft lessons. The main purpose of this program is to provide free learning activities to all the children who come from low income family.

We also have built total 6 public water wells, conducted 4 free medical treatment services, and did 3 social campaigns of anti sexual abuse to children in schools.

Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation is here to help children and adults in Indonesia to be actively and positively impacting the nation. But we can’t be alone to do this. There are many children and adults who need your help. Together, let’s build the nation to a better future!

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