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Kehidupan Indonesia with KI Friends Shared Rice Boxes

Last May, Kehidupan Indonesia had the opportunity to share a little bit of rice boxes with people on the streets around the city of Cikarang. We invited our KI Friends to be a blessing for the unfortunate people all around Cikarang that live or work on the street. We encountered many beggars, scavengers, unemployed mothers, and we also went to an orphanage.

Our trip down the streets of Cikarang city started at 3 pm. On our way, we met an old man who was still working as a seller of fruit salad in his old age. Not long after that we also met beggars, scavengers who were going around the streets looking for things they could sell. There are also mothers with their babies and children living on the street.

The journey we took was about three hours, from three in the afternoon to six in the evening. So many fathers, mothers, children, men and women who are still living on the streets. We hope that the rice boxes that we gave together with KI Friends can help ease the burden of their lives. Let's continue to be a blessing to all the people around us, especially to those who are unfortunate and needing our help.

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