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New Learning Method with “Be Kind” House Students

Due to not being able to meet in person, Kehidupan Indonesia through the “Be Kind” House invites children to join every week through Zoom online meetings to learn English for free. As for the class level, there are 3 of them. Children from the smallest, namely the age of 4 years, children in their primary school year, and the high school students. We learned a lot from vocabulary, everyday activity phrases, to discuss how being a good person can have a positive impact on people.

As usual, activities began with prayer according to their religions. After praying, the children get ready to write, read, and answer questions. For children who have not yet gone to elementary school, learning begins with games, songs, or dances. This activity is carried out so that the children can relax and also focus on taking part in learning. Furthermore, the teacher from the “Be Kind” House will ask about last week's material or ask how the children are doing while at home.

Learning for middle and high school children is slightly different. After finishing praying, the children were asked to tell stories and share their experiences. There are also important questions about the social, cultural, and development of the world today. This aims to shape their skills in giving opinions and to respect differences in other opinions which probably are against their own.

This year there have been many changes. We have to learn how to stay connected, physically, and mentally, and continue to carry out our activities. That includes the way children learn, and we as teachers. Let us continue to be passionate about teaching and inspiring Indonesian children so that someday they become wise and smart individuals for the sake of the future of this country.

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