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Online Celebration of 76th Indonesian Independence Day with “Be Kind” House Students

The children of Be Kind House had the opportunity to celebrate August 17th together last August. This August 17th celebration was a little bit different. Usually, we would meet and have many games to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. But this time, we couldn’t do it that way because in Indonesia we have a restriction regulation in an attempt to decrease the cases of Covid-19.

And because of that we can't celebrate together in one place, but instead we celebrated August 17th at our own places and gathered together through Zoom. Of course on August 17th, we prepared a small competition between the students of “Be Kind” House. The competitions are singing national songs, dancing, and applying makeup to a parent. The children were so excited to join the competition. They prepare themselves by wearing red and white costumes (because the Indonesian flag’s colors are red and white), wearing props, and they prepare the music too. They’ve grown more and more confident each year to show off their talents and skills.

On this 17 August celebration, we also remind them that they must continue to be passionate about learning and become children who can make their parents and nation proud. They should listen and obey their parents and teacher well. So that they can grow and be a good leader in the future.

Let’s continue to build a better future and open many opportunities for children and family in Indonesia with Kehidupan Indonesia!

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