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Sandwich Making at Be Kind House

Every Thursday, we held an art class in Be Kind House. But that Thursday was quite different. Kids were challenged to make a sandwich! Some of the kids were excited, but some of them were a little bit confused.

It is not common in Indonesia to have bread, eggs, and mayonnaise in one sandwich. Indonesian people are usually stuffed their bread with sweet jams or chocolate. Not with eggs and mayonnaise. Probably it is their first time to make and taste this kind of food.

The first step was to peel the eggs. They have to peel the eggs and clean it off before they smashed it in the plastic cup. After they finished it, the kids have some fun time to smash the egg into pieces. And the next step was to mix the mayonnaise and a little bit of sugar with the egg. When the breads were already on the plate, they quickly put all of the mixture onto the bread. And that’s it!

We shared a little bit of how people who live in USA love to eat sandwiches in any occasion. There are many kinds of sandwiches also. From peanut butter and jelly, cheese, tuna fish sandwiches, and more.

It is good to share these little things to them because we know that they deserve to know and see the world. We need to challenge them to see things with bigger perspective. Let’s keep inspire our children and lead them to become a future leader!

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