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School and Library Project at Surabaya

Kehidupan Indonesia has a dream for all the children in Indonesia to have an easy access to explore books and express their creativity. Our project this time is in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. Together with KT&G, we do a school project at SD Muhammadiyah 15 and build a brand new library, also with a badminton field at a public facility area in Putat Jaya.

This project went for two weeks to empower children in Surabaya. We did an inspirational classes in SD Muhammadiyah 15, such as singing, sports, story telling, magic show, and many other things. We also painted their classroom building and sport field to become more fresh and inspiring. We would love to see all the children in this school feel inspired, refreshed, and excited to learn something new everyday.

The brand new public library and badminton field is in a different area from the school, located in Putat Jaya, Surabaya. This library is located in a local area that covered many families. They are very excited to manage this public facility with care. They are ready to make changes through reading books and do many good activities in this place. They believe this library is part of important investment, for the next future leaders of this nation, for their children.

Impacting, encouraging, and inspiring others through your action today. Together we can build a better future for Indonesia!

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