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Small Act, Big Impact!

Working together to prepare our next future leaders.

School Project at SD Lestari is made because of all the support and participation from the charity event ‘Walk For Education’.

SD Lestari is a school in Cikarang that use houses for their school building. We want to help the schools to provide supplies for their daily needs and to inspire the students to be more passionate in learning and reach their dreams.

And also, we want to raise the awareness of the sexual abuse and how to prevent it among the students. Because these days, there are so many children in Indonesia have been experiencing sexual abuse. We want to help the children to be aware of the situation and encourage them to report the accident to a person they trust.

We teach the children to make paper windmills, playing with some music instruments and singing too.

We donated stationaries, books, white board, and help the school to repaint their classrooms.

Let us encourage our children to be braver, more creative, and dare to reach their dreams.

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