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Soap Making Training With Be Kind Moms

Kehidupan Indonesia really wants to equip and empower women in Indonesia, because we believe in each and every woman skills and potentials that they can help raise up their family’s finances.

One of the activities that we did recently was giving a natural soap making workshop to mothers around our ‘Be Kind’ House. They are the mothers from the children who learn in ‘Be Kind’ House for free. The unique thing from this workshop was that we used the used cooking oil as the main ingredient.

For us, this is an important thing to be taught to all the women in Indonesia, because is very familiar with fried food.

First of all, we educated all the mothers who came about the danger of throwing out used cooking oil carelessly to the drainage or the sink. This habit could harm the environment and the chain of the ecosystem. All the mothers were so excited to hear our explanation and willing to be more careful to manage their used cooking oil.

As we see their enthusiasm, we are interested to help these mothers more seriously to manage their used cooking oil in their area.

Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation is here to make people of Indonesia equipped and prepared to face a brighter future ahead. Let’s work together to build a better future.

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