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The End Year of 2020 Be Kind House Activity

At the end of the year 2020, Kehidupan Indonesia had the opportunity to give certificates and gifts to our students in the “Be Kind” House, who have completed their English learning excellently. As we know, “Be Kind” House is a place where children can study for free without being charged anything. We established this to equip many children who can’t afford to study English and other subjects outside of their schools. They can learn about useful life skills also to prepare them for the future.

In early November-December, we changed from meeting in person to an online meeting system. There are some obstacles in the beginning, but the children are still excited to come and learn. For that, we give appreciation in the form of certificates and prizes to continue to spur their enthusiasm for learning.

We also give donations to several underprivileged families around the “Be Kind” House. Thank you to every KI friend who donated and supported us to continue helping underprivileged families, equipping their children through education, and so on. This year is indeed a challenge, and next year is unpredictable. But we believe that together we can continue to help families and children in Indonesia who are in need of our help. Thank you and see you in 2021!

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