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The Experience of a Teacher and a Housewife Who Experienced Domestic Violence

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Each day, we can see domestic violence is getting more and more victims. Lots of victims who came to the police reported that a mother was hit by her own child, the wife was thrown with household objects by her husband, the child was beaten and treated inappropriately by the parents. We can see all this news everyday, through television to social media.

But did you know that these incidents are closer than we ever think of? Many have experienced it, in our city. Like this mother, we met at a school in Cikarang. She is a teacher and also a housewife. After we listened to her stories, she was a victim of domestic violence.

She decided to divorce him because she could no longer stand on how she was treated. The husband left his debts and put them all on her shoulders. She was confused, but she never give up. She took odd jobs at the school where she taught to pay off all these debts.

Her monthly income is only 300,000 rupiah for teaching 2 classes. She also sold snacks, cleaned the school, and looked after the school. Every morning, before the pandemic comes, she would go to school at 6 o'clock. With a sincere heart, she swept every classroom, the school grounds, and cleaned the teacher's office. She also placed her snacks in front of the school with a box where children could pay directly by putting the money in the box.

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When school hours are over, she would make sure all students and teachers have returned to their homes safely. Then she cleaned all the rooms in the school again. Every day she lived like that with the hope of giving the best for her three children. We decided to come to her and listened to her problems. Some of our friends donated a bag of rice, oven, clothes, and many other things.

Everyone has problems that we don't know. They could have smiled when they met us, but actually they might be having a tough time. The violence you see on television and social media is real and closer than you think. Let's show our compassion to everyone we meet. Let us be sensitive and care to ease their burdens. There may not be much we can do, but being sensitive and caring is a simple thing that every human being should be able to do. Be a good person to our family, friends, friends, even people we don't know. Let’s be kind, always.

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