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Unique Handmade Gifts Idea For Mother's Day

Welcoming National Mother's Day, Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation through @bermakna_indonesia sells a variety of unique and handmade works that are suitable as gifts for our beloved mothers. Kehidupan Indonesia is trying to recycle used fabrics that have been left by their owners to become useful items for our daily usage.

These fabrics include clothes, sweaters, blouses, dresses, skirts, trousers, scarves, and others. The effort to recycle these fabrics began with the piling up of various kinds of garments leftover from the garage sale held by Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation for our fundraising event every three months. Due to the pandemic, we are unable to hold a garage sale. However, we don't stop there. We started with the simple idea of ​​making cute scrunchies and shopping bags from unique materials such as batik, satin, and cotton. After we saw that this was a really good idea, we continued this project up to this day.

Currently, we are developing several other designs, one of which is coasters. In addition to our glass mats, cups, and plates, this coaster is one of the most thoughtful gift options that you can give to your beloved mother. Especially with the rainy season that is happening in Indonesia. Wow, it will certainly be very suitable!

Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation has 3 main focuses which are at the center of everything we do; namely education, provision of clean water in remote areas in Indonesia, and empowerment of women.

We want to develop the craft of recycling these clothes to empower many women in Indonesia. Many women in Indonesia have become mothers, and also become the backbone of their families, without sufficient income. Many women are abandoned by their husbands without money for their children at home. We want to be the hand that pulls them out of the economic problems that surround them. Maybe we can't see what their problem is. However, with a little compassion and good intentions, we can lighten their burdens. Let's together help these mothers have enough food, a roof that doesn't leak, and a warm bed. With your support, Indonesian women are able to get out of economic problems.

Come visit @bermakna_indonesia on Instagram to shop and to help us grow our project to help many women in Indonesia. Let's recycle and make some positive changes!

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