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Visiting SD Muhammadiyah at Belitong

Kehidupan Indonesia visited SD Muhammadiyah to share what we have and give a little encouragement to always stay focused to study and love each other as a human being. We were greeted by students from 1st - 6th grade and also some of the teachers. The headmaster was really kind to welcome us to his school.

We shared about how we need to be kind to one another, and love one another. We do this because we would love to spread kindness among students and bring the awareness about anti-bullying.

After we finished, we bid our good-byes and distributed a little gift for the children. We chatted with the teachers and they shared stories about the condition of the school. Most of the children in this school are orphans. They lived in the orphanage managed by the school's foundation and it was located in front of the school

Let’s spread kindness, wherever we are. Because we don’t know, we might brighten up their days. Together we can build a better future for Indonesia!

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