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Walk for Education - 2019

Walk together to bring awareness about Education in Indonesia.

Yes, Walk For Education is here again in 2019.

Our mission is to equip schools in Indonesia to maximize their facilities and infrastructure that has already been there, also bring the kids to the new excitement to reach their dreams.

Our next goal is to make an awareness among the people who live all around us, that there must be a school that needs help. Kehidupan Indonesia Foundation started Walk For Education in Cikarang, the city where this foundation established. We want to inspire people that we can do something and help someone, especially schools, to change into a better condition, start from where we live.

Start from where you are, for a better future of the nation of Indonesia.

Special thanks to Three Little Angels, Make Me Good Barbershop, Salarium Californian Almond Milk, Make Me Good Coffee, Kiky’s Delight, Groove Fitness Cikarang, Tazmoe Batik and Leather Purses, Team Jesus Apparel, and No Pressure Clothing who are willingly support Walk For Education.

Walking is a small act, yet it can change the future of education in a nation. Let us keep walking for a better education in Indonesia.

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