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We Started an English Class with Children from Oepoli, Kupang!

This February, we started an English class online learning with children from Oepoli, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Even though online meetings carry out the learning, the children are still enthusiastic about starting learning. The class held is a beginner-level English class. The children who take this class are from grade 6 elementary school to grade 9 junior high schools. There are about 20 children in one class, and two adults supervise the children there.

We sometimes have difficulties. Sometimes we have to postpone the meeting. The internet signal is limited because the area is not close to the city. We hope that the Indonesian government can help fix this problem.

We are here to inspire them to have vast opportunities for their future. So far, they are less enthusiastic about learning because, in their minds, they will only become farmers, bus conductors, sweepers, or helpers. We will strive to equip, inspire, and influence them in various fields to support a better future.

Indonesian children have many challenges, especially in areas far from the city atmosphere, such as in Oepoli. They need us to help and inspire them in whatever way we can. If we move together to build the younger generation of this nation, there will be a better future waiting for Indonesia.

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