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What’s Happening in “Be Kind” House?

Since September, the Indonesian government has gradually implemented limited face-to-face learning in school for every student in Indonesia. How about the "Be Kind" House?

The “Be Kind” House is where we and several volunteers teach various lessons to the children for free at no charge. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, we have been doing online learning or social distance learning systems.

Currently we are still conducting a social distance learning system with the children who are members of the "Be Kind" House. We also still visit the “Be Kind” Library and provide opportunities for children to study and read books.

Through the online learning that has been done so far in “Be Kind” House, we can see that children still have a high interest in continuing to develop themselves. We also saw differences between children who consistently participated in online learning and those who did not. Those who consistently have broad knowledge and can follow the learning flow really well. While children who are not consistently coming to take the online learning class, we believe that there are many factors that influence it. Such as the internet connection in their house is not good, they don’t have mobile devices, or maybe something else. However, we believe that every “Be Kind” House child is a precious child who has a future full of hope.

The pandemic that occurred in Indonesia and in other countries around the world had a huge impact, forcing us to have many new systems and other systems that had to be readjusted. The same thing happened in "Be Kind" House. Even though at this time we can't do much, we will always be faithful and consistent in providing the best for the children.

Let us keep equipping, inspiring, and being a good impact for Indonesian children!

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