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Be Kind Challenge - Part 1

Kehidupan Indonesia started a movement in our Instagram page called #BeKindChallenge. We inspire people to join us to help many families in Cikarang who need some help. Because of what’s happening; not only in Indonesia but all over the world, the coronavirus has taken many people's lives and also many families are struggling economically.

Cikarang is known as an industrial city. In Cikarang, there were many companies shut down due to the coronavirus. It was so sudden and many people left without any income for themselves and even for their families. That’s why we want to help them to carry their burden.

In the first week of May, we distributed boxes containing daily needs to more than 30 families in Cikarang. We are hoping to continue this movement and help many people, children, and families.

Thank you for your prayers, support and donation. Let’s keep our heart, eyes, and ears open to our brothers and sisters who need our help right now. Don’t forget to be kind today!

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