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Be Kind on Corona Virus

Be Kind house is temporarily closed due to the spreading of Corona virus in Indonesia. We are saddened by the situation that is happening. Not only in Indonesia, but all over the world. The last meeting we did with the children in Be Kind house was about how to properly wash our hands. It is a good preventive action to prevent the spreading of Corona virus. Washing our hands, it’s not only to kill the germs and bacteria, but also a good habit to be planted in their lives. It is important to wash our hands before we do our activities, especially when we’re just back from outside.

Children started to study at their houses for about more than 2 weeks now. They study their materials and do the assignments from their teachers.Their parents also forbid them to go outside to play with their friends. It is only at 10 in the morning until 11, and then they should go back inside.

It is a little bit hard, some parents say. Staying inside their houses is hard because their children can’t play, explore, or talk to their friends and neighbors. But it is a good time for parents and children to have bonding time again.

This situation might be a little bit overwhelming, but we believe that this is not going to last. This is the time where we can strengthen each other. Let’s together pray and have hope for this virus to be over, and everything is back to normal again.

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